Cambridge Bioinformatics Hackathon

This September will see our first Cambridge Bioinformatics Hackathon (#CamHack17).

  • What are the aims?
    To bring together programmers from the Cambridge area to work on bioinformatics or computational biology projects.  This should provide an opportunity for programmers to try new areas of work, meet and learn from other people as well as showcasing their skills to others in the community.
  • Am I eligible?
    The Hackathon is open to anyone, including students, PhDs and PIs.  The event is also open to people working in companies.
  • What I should I work on?
    Come up with an idea for a project that you think would benefit research.  Then, at the hackathon, put your idea into practice.
    Any Life Science-related project should be suitable, we just request that within the three days you would be able to at least make a good start on a project of potential interest to others working in bioinformatics or computational biology.  You may work on your own or as part of a team and are free to program in any language you choose.
  • When is it?
    25-27th September 2017
  • Where is it?
    Craik-Marshall Building, Downing Site, Cambridge CB2 3AR
  • How much does it cost?
    £20, for all three days.  No need to pay now, we will get back to you at a later date for payment.  The money is for our costs and T-shirts for attendees.  We will not make a profit from this event.

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